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Product Information

Bimba Manufacturing Company is one of the largest professional cylinder manufacturer in north America. BIMBA have been committed to research innovative technology and offer the most cutting-edge technology solution.
BIMBA’s founder invented stainless steel and fixed cylinder in 1957 in order to replace the traditional overhaul cylinder with small diameter. Then this kind of cylinder became an industry standard. The excellent performance of the précis combination is the result of a new design concept for the cylinder. BIMBA offer more than 1500 kinds of standard cylinders for customer choice.

BIMBA extend production line to various types of industrial components such as cylinder, hydraulic cylinder and electric cylinder. They have passed ISO9001:2000 certification of quality system. BIMBA capture 60% market in north American due to its excellent performance quality, reasonable price and perfect after-sale service.
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Technical parameters
Bimba Product

Original Line cylinder

pen cylinder with inch size,  offer all series linear cylinder for American size and inch size
completely cover all installation types and non-standard option

ISO15552 series cylinder
包括笔形气缸和方形气缸,尺寸规格完全符合ISO15552、6431、6432要求,including pen cylinder and square cylinder, The dimensions are fully compatible with ISO15552、6431、6432 standard.
High standards of processing and assembling accuracy ensure the cylinders with long service life, fast and non-crawl
Customize the length of the piston rod , non-standard option of plastic cylinder

TRD series overloading cylinder
For the working condition of large diameter and heavy load
TRD series cylinder can meet various kinds of requirements on large machinery and heavy equipment. They are the ideal choice for replacement hydraulic cylinder.

Rotating cylinder:
Pneumatic rack rotating cylinder can convert linear motion to linear motion. It can provide three position location.


-precision processing accuracy guarantee low friction force of cylinder. The cylinder will have longer service life
-There is lubricating grease in seal. You do not need to add lubrication or air lubricator on air tunnel.
-high-speed cylinder, the max speed can reach 1000mm/sec
-nearly 1000 type specification can meet various of operating requirements, such as high temperature, low friction and high loading
-long service life
-pneumatic and electric drive mode

    Bimba Territory:

    BIMBA cylinder are widely used in medical industry, food industry, packaging industry, agricultural industry and auto industry etc.