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Product Information

Gemu Group was founded at Eng Finn Town, Baden-wuerttemberg,

Germany in 1964. Gemu is a world leading manufacturer of valves,

measure and control system. It is also a world-famous transnational

production company.

Gemu was established by Mr Fritz Muller. Now, it has developed

into an international multinational group owning many subsidiaries.

There are branch offices and many agents on every continent in

the world..

Gemu products have many kinds of valves and measuring instrument including manual, pneumatic and electric butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, angle valves, ball valves and solenoid valves. Gemu can offer reliable valves and system in petrochemical, electric power, iron and steel metallurgy, biology medical, papermaking, microelectronics, food and drinks, shipbuilding and water treatment industries. Gemu enjoys a high reputation throughout the world.
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Technical parameters

(1Sanitary Safety diaphragm valve Structure


    1: the pneumatic head can be controlled by any inert gas and maintain less

    2: control mode include NO,NC and double action

    3: Mechanical position indicator show open/close state


    1:  suitable for any inert gas or corrosive fluid and gas

    2:  the open and close of diaphragm is insensitive for polluted media

    3:  the valve is suitable for high corrosive media.

    4:  The flow of media is not affected by the valve open and close


    1: simple structure, suitable for use in small installation space

    2: optional accessories

    ----range limit

   ---electronic position indicator

    Application: including medicine, food, bio-pharmacy industry, semiconductor industry, micro-electronic industry, fined chemical industry.

    The valves are suitable for WFI, ultra-pure chemicals, food processing and chemical industries.

(2)Regulating valve


    The metal pneumatic head of 514 series pneumatic head angle seat valve is suitable for high temperature place.

    The valve rod has automatic adjusting seal assembly. It can keep the seal after long time operation.

    The seal assembly of shaft lever is protected by wipe ring in order to prevent pollution and damage.


    1:  suitable for any inert gas or corrosive fluid and gas

    2:  When the valve body is external thread, the mounting dimension will be decreased fully.

    3:  suitable for high temperature and high pressure

    4:  the joint of control media can rotate 360°


    1several kinds of connection type of valve body: screw thread, screw sleeve and welding

    2The bevel type design make the valve have good flow

    3:  many kinds of optional accessories

    Application: due to its special design, the valve is especially suitable for clean liquid, inert gas and corrosive media

    The regulating valve offer the solution in the rapid flow and relative high temperature control system.

    It apply to the steam control.

    It is widely used on mechanical engineering, bio-pharmacy and food processing industries.

采用多样的新技22,满足顾客对高效率、低噪音及耐久性方面的要求,并以内部结构的最佳化,提供出色的搭载 性。采用多样的新技术,满足顾客对高效率、低噪音及耐久性方面的要求,并以内部结构的最佳化,提供出色的搭载性。
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Technical parameters


















    应用领域:尤其适合清洁的液体和惰性气体,带腐蚀性的介质, 依靠其特殊的设计. 



    它的常用领域在机械工程行业. 而它在生物制药和食品加工行业上,也有着很广泛的应用。