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Career Development

Career Development

Talent, is regarded as the base more tangible assets can not be ignored. Effective management of human resourcesThe company will develop a stronger, more competitive

In order to meet the rapid development momentum of the business, the more groups will continue to Careers, and offer competitive salaries for all kinds of personnel, training, and a comprehensive welfare system. Based more in a fair and impartial treatment of all employees in creating a team atmosphere and also for individuals to provide a stage to display their talent.

Incentive Measures

Every employee's salary will be interrelated with his/her contributions to the company. And perfect welfare system is also provided for our staff.  Besides the material encouragement, our company also attaches great importance to employees' long-term development and realization of their selves-values, which make all the staff feel the sense of achievement, thus increase their satisfaction with the company. 


Talents are UNICUS' most valuable wealth. Thus to build an international-oriented team of honesty, loyalty and ability is the strategic guarantee of further success in the future.       According to the strategic target and personal career needs, we take training courses based on the principle of "Accurate location of needs, explicit targets, disparities find-out and being pragmatic" .Each employee has an equal chance to take training courses including professional skills, management skills, company culture and personal promotion, etc..  Companies hope that all trainees have the motivation and innovation with the desire to participate in the development of interactive learning, and then return to the practice, in the new platform on a higher level of innovation, and thus constantly circle, the spiral process.

Career Development

We encourage employees to challenge themselves and surpass themselves under the guide of UNICUS' development strategic goal, and not only working hard to finish their tasks, but also striving to realize their self-values.

We discuss the vocational development planning with the newly recruited employees, then give them training and offer them the stages to show their talents. We also encourage the new staff and give full play to their enthusiasm so as to improve their comprehensive qualities and realize the career targets and self-values on the base of contributing to the company.  We always stick to the core conception of idea innovation and system innovation to create an environment of equity, justice and open. And we establish the mechanism of exploring employees' entire potential, offering them vast development space to fully realize their selves-values while accomplishing the company's strategic targets.   If you want to join us, please E-mail your resume and photo to our company!