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Product Information

MAC Valves Inc, founded in 1948, is North America's largest manufacturer of 

solenoid valves, professional design and manufacture 

of high-performance pneumatic solenoid valve. Due to its unique design and 

superior performance quality in North America with 26% market share.

MAC solenoid valve combines all the necessary high-speed motion design and 60 

years experience in manufacturing valves, valve performance company will play 

to the limit that you can not believe, to meet the stringent requirements of any 

of your speed and accuracy on your the only choice in high speed, precision 

applications, the most important thing is the original 18-month unlimited number

of quality assurance, long life and reasonable price.Meanwhile MAC solenoid valves 

and other manufacturers have different installation: tandem, this structure can easily 

connect up to 128 valves and without any disassembly and mounting plate, which 

greatly facilitates the practical application of the flexibility and cost savings .

Mac Products: Small 3-Way Valves, Large 3-Way Valves,Small 4-Way Valves, Large 4-Way Valves, Miniature Valves, , Bullet Valve, Valve Terminal, Proportional Pressure Control, ISO Valves.
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Technical parameters
  • MediumCompressed air, vacuum or inert gas
  • PressureVaccum12OPSI—150PSI
  • Flow0.08(Cv)—60.0(Cv)
  • VoltageNormal Voltage-15% to+10%
  • Coil and degree of protectionGrade A dustproof Coil and F Coil and H class
Balanced valve core = higher force
no pollution in the coil=Clean coil
  • the same sealing size
  • End sealing balance valve core sealing
  • The force on both sides is created by the air pressure are equal
  • The change of air pressure change does not affect output

  • Output of the valve is constant, not affected by pressure
  • Powerful coil and spring force ensure high speed and repeat precision
  • No pollution in the coil
  • Manual switch is standard configuration
  • To provide constant and big flow in the whole pressure range, including pilot valve
  • multi-function interface, a valve has 6 function